Iridescent Diamond Detail

The diamond detail is our signature service is our signature service here at Iridescent Detailing and its perfect for customers looking for the ultimate total car correction and protection. This service involves multi stage paint correction to safely achieve the best possible finish using various machine polishing techniques, high grade ceramic coating applied to bodywork and wheels, interior deep cleaned with interior fabrics, leather and plastics cleaned and protected. Ideal for show car preparation or customers with cherished low mileage vehicles.

What's included in this package

  • Full decontamination of vehicles paintwork, wheels and glass using a combination of products to safely remove contaminants
  • Wheels removed to thoroughly clean brakes, arches and suspension components. Wheels deep cleaned and polished ready for ceramic coating application inside and the face of the alloys
  • Vehicle rinsed and then safely washed
  • Clay bar then used to remove surface imbedded contaminants, then rinsed again
  • Engine bay cleaned and degreased
  • Vehicle is then gently dried
  • Plastics and sensitive areas are then masked off for protection during the correction stages
  • Paint depth gauge is then used to calculate the paint depth on each panel and establish how much clearcoat can safely be removed to correct defects. This process will dictate the level of correction that’s possible on the vehicle
  • Multi stage machine polish to remove around 85% of defects
  • Paint is then prepared ready for the protective coating
  • High quality ceramic coating applied offering up to 2 years protection and ease of maintenance. Wheels and brake callipers also ceramic coated to protect against brake dust
  • Interior deep cleaned. Plastics dressed, fabric guard applied and leather cleansed and nourished
  • Glass cleaned and a rain repellent coating applied

Package details

  1. Call for quote
  2. Around 5 days

Nothing less than the best

  1. Fully insured to work on your vehicle
  2. Gated premises with alarms and CCTV
  3. Certified detailers using the highest quality products
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