Leather Restoration

Over time, automotive leather can degrade resulting in the leather becoming worn and cracked if the necessary care hasn't been taken. Leather is basically animal skin and this requires cleaning and moisturizing to keep it nourished and supple. It also helps to protect your leather against abrasion and stains. We have 2 options for protection, Colourlock Leather shield, this is best for leather up to 3 years old and Leather Protector for older leather, as this has built in moisturizers that older leather needs.

Leather can also succumb to various forms of damage in the forms of rips, holes, scuffs and colour wear from regular traffic in and out of your vehicle. We are able to fix most of these providing the damage isn't too severe, in which case we would recommend a retrim of the area.

We are Colourlock Certified and use the excellent designated leather repair and care products. We aim to make the repair as least visible as possible, even re-graining the repaired area so that it blends in with the rest of the grain in the leather. The repair is then recoloured after we have matched the colour with the existing leather. Repairs can be a much more cost effective option, instead of having the item re-trimmed.

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