Protection Detail

Your vehicles paintwork is exposed to various elements such as UV rays, industrial fallout, etching from bird droppings, tar, salt and chemicals so it pays to have a protective layer on the surface of the paint. Having a protective layer also makes maintaining the looks of your vehicle so much easier. We have many options of protection from a high-quality wax such as Swissvax, sealant, or a durable long-lasting ceramic coating. Each have different levels of durability and cost.

What's included in this package

  • Snow foam pre-wash to safely remove the dirt and grime, then rinsed
  • Paint and wheel decontamination to remove iron deposits, tar, tree sap and general fallout
  • Door shuts, fuel flap and boot shut thoroughly cleaned
  • Vehicle safely washed using a 3-bucket method to eliminate cross contamination which can cause wash marring (fine scratches, swirls)
  • Clay bar to remove any contaminants imbedded on the surface of the paint, then rinsed
  • Vehicle safely dried with a combination of soft micro fibre drying cloths and a warm air dryer
  • Light machine polish to enhance gloss of the paint
  • Panel wipe to remove residue ready for protective coating
  • High quality Swissvax shield, or a sealant applied. Face of wheels sealed and tyres dressed
  • Rain repellent glass coating applied
  • Interior vacuumed

Various bolt on options available including ceramic coating application for additional cost, please ask.

Package details

  1. From £250
  2. 2 days

Nothing less than the best

  1. Fully insured to work on your vehicle
  2. Gated premises with alarms and CCTV
  3. Certified detailers using the highest quality products
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